Beyond Boundaries : A Future of Traditional Decorative Arts.



Solo exhibition 「AKUGARE」

September 6 (Sat) -15 (Mon), 2014
10:00 -18:00
(Until 17:00 on the last day)
Close : September 8 (Mon)
Venue : Koubo IKUKO
1-12-9, Chuo Kurashiki-City, Okayama, 7100046

Group Exhibition “Living with Indian print and the handwork” that Atsuko Tanaka chooses

August 13 (wed) – 25 (Mon), 2014
10:30 -20:00
Close : August 19 (Tues)
Venue : Isetan Shinjyuku 5F

It is informed the appearance by a TV program of BS-TBS 「SEKAIJIN」

July 19 (Sat) PM8:54~9:00
It is a 5-minute short documentary program.

Interviewed by Chunichi Shimbun Newspaper

We were interviewed by Chunichi Shinbmbun Newspaper in Wajima city.

Okamura design spece R 「 wave, crest」

Okamura design space R(ODS-R) chose an architect as a basic concept by “the collaboration with an architect and the depicter of the domain except the building” as a plan exhibition to hold once a year in July and “was just interested most and asked for creation of space, the scenery which I wanted to challenge”.
It is not a private exhibition of the architects to aim and is the making of new space, scenery which is enabled for the first time because another depicter collaborates with an architect.
Architect : Nobuyuki Furuya
Collaborator : Tamao Sano (Ginkaku Jisho-ji Temple/ Shuho)

I will participate in the cooperation of vessels.

July 8 (Tues) – 25 (Sun), 2014
10:00 – 18:00 
Close : July 13, 20, 21
Venue : Okamura design showroom

4-1,Kioi-cho, chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

The 9th Paramita ceramic art grand-prix exhibition

The contest which chooses a grand-prix from exhibition works by a visitor’s vote.

June 26(Thes) – July 27(Sun)
9:30 – 17:30
Everyday during sessions
Venue: Paramita museum

Solo exhibition 「Gather Flowers 」

May 10 (Sat) – 21 (Wed), 2014
10:00 – 18:00
(Until 17:00 on sunday and the last day)
Close : Monday
Venue: Gallery Now
85,Hiraki Toyama-City,Toyama,9300944, Japan

Exibition Gallery Collection

Information for a gruop exibition.
Dates : April 19 (Sat) – May 11(San),2014
Hours : 11:00 – 19:00
Close : 4/30 ~ 5/7
Venue: Gallery TAMURA

In kanazawa,a group exhibition of vessels for Sencha(green tea)

Seiko Wakasugi participating in a group exhibition,
a Opening Event of SHIKI.
Produced by Ryuho Takemura,Tsubaki-do in Kyoto.

Dates: April 15 – 27, 2014
Hours: 11:30 – 16:00
Close: April 21

Infomation of Tea Ceremony
Date: April 27
Hours: 10:00 -11:30, 13:00 – 1400, 15:00 – 16:00
Reservation required
Tel +81(0)76-282-9840 E-mail:

Solo exhibition 「Every day is good tea」

April 4 (Fri) – 17(Thu) , 2014
11:00 – 19:00
( From 13:00 on the First day)
( Until 16:00 on the last day)
Close : Monday
3-16-28, Nishi-Azabu Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan.

It is going to become the display that is full of variations .
With a saucer for a teacup made by tin created through the collaboration with NOUSAKU in Takaoka-city, Toyama as a new challenge.
And the plate series with the potter’s wheel which wrestled from last year increased

Solo exhibition 「Snow Blossoms」

March 19 – Apri 6 , 2014
(Until 17:00 on the last day)
venue:Gallery ASHIYA SCHULE

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